aired Aug 23 2009
6 Songs
New World In My View by King Britt
When Bill goes to the see the queen.
Sweet Hon by 5 Alarm
Jason and Sookie ride in the Anubis Air transport.
submitted by 4evryng
Baby You Ain’t Lookin Right by Powersolo
Sam and Andy are locked in the freezer at Merlotte's, while Jane Bodehouse makes a phone call.
submitted by 4evryng
Hello Walls by Faron Young
Sookie and Bill enter the Stackhouse home and discover that it has Been ransacked by Maryann and her frenzied lot of followers
submitted by 4evryng
Vamp Vamp by James Combs
Plays at Merlotte's.
submitted by 4evryng
Blood by Band of Skulls
Frenzied locals have a party.
submitted by 4evryng
Missing a song?

What is the instramental score playing when sookie and bill are talking on the porch after glamouring tara? I can swear it's been in a movie...

posted by Jennie Suddick

The end credits track was by King Britt, called "A new world in my view". You're right, it was on the 2006 Miami Vice soundtrack.

posted by Markus Koskinen

Thanks to Markus!I loved this melody.

posted by Misaky Saiki

What is the blues song with the man talking at the end of this episode? I love it.

posted by jenniferhdaniel

What is the song in the season two premiere where sookie is going through gran's things?

posted by Lindsey Morgan
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show True Blood, in the episode New World In My View, first aired August 23 2009. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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Bad Things by Jace Everett
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