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aired Mar 3 2014
6 Songs
Jolene (Slow Ass Version) by Dolly Parton
The Judge
I Never Forget by Giorgio Rosciglione
slow ass jolene by dj good
Co-Education by Officers
Slow Ass Jolene by DJ Good Little Buddy
Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot
heard it on the end
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Who sang Jolene on the March 3rd episode?

posted by L

I want to know the answer also

posted by Ack

On the episode "The Judge"

posted by Ack

Cody belew I think

posted by Anonymous

My husband thinks it was Dolly Parton's Jolene slowed down.

posted by J

Please find the answer! Loved that version of Jolene!

posted by kathy

It's the slowed version of Dolly Parton, but there are several versions. I left the link above.

posted by bella

Listened to Cody Belew's version....I believe "anon" is correct!

posted by Kathy

If you recorded the show, and you sync it to the version I listed, you will find they are an exact match. But whatever version you like, it's a great song!

posted by bella

I don't know who it is yet for sure but I don't think it's Cody Belew. Cody has a completely different vibrato than the male voice singing in tonight's episode.

posted by movieluvr

Think it might be little willies

posted by Claire

Actually it's slow ass jolene by dj good little buddy....on you tube...
Great rendition!

posted by Claire

Cody Belew sang "Jolene". This was his version on "The Voice". He blew me away and I downloaded it on i-Tunes. Check it out. Hope Cody puts out more soulful country soon.

posted by Ann

listened to a few online and it's Cody Belew.

posted by Mitch

Nope, it is definitely Dolly Parton slowed down to 75%.

posted by purplecabbage

Please who sang who are you.. ?

posted by sammy

Please who sang who are you in episode 18 .. please guys help a brother .. thanks

posted by sammy

This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show The Blacklist, in the episode The Judge, first aired March 3 2014. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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