aired Mar 26 2007
4 Songs
Don't Look Back by Telepopmusik
Tommy is waiting for Jenny to open the store
Today Has Been Ok by Emiliana Torrini
When Jenny finds out her Dad has been putting the bank deposit money into the mailbox.
Hold on to me by Ben Broussard
It Wasn't Me by Rachel Scott
When Jenny's father is putting the money in the mail box. This is the DVD version.
Missing a song?

How do I get a list of the songs which was heard on the show for March 26. Looking for opening song and artist.

posted by mulley

"Don't Look Back" by Télépopmusik

Is the opening song where Tommy is for waiting Jenny to open the store.

posted by Natty

"Today Has Been Ok" by Emiliana Torrini

When Jenny finds out her Dad has been putting the bank deposit money into the mailbox.

posted by Natty

whats the song at the end of the episode when tommy and jenny are talking about the money and tommy walks out and tells her to burn the money if she didn't want it

posted by zach

When Jenny finds out her Dad has been putting money in the mail box is NOT "Today has been Okay" listen to the lyrics. I can't find the song anywhere, does anyone know what it is?

posted by tipitop

what is the name of the music in the beginning of every episode?

posted by Robin

Has anyone found the music from "Run like Hell" yet? When Marianne confronts Tommy and gives him the $500 and Jenny sees her dad putting the deposit in the mailbox? The lyrics are "I'm fine moving on being happy" Please help!!! Thank you!

posted by tipitop

"Don't Look Back" isn't playing @ the beginning of the epi. it's someone else that sounds like Telepopmusik...i think it's called "Time Can Break Your Heart", but I'm not sure...

posted by zangel72

The opening song playing while Tommy waits across the street for Jenny to open the store IS "Don't Look Back" by Telepopmusik. It is the version from The L Word Season 3.

posted by gabbiee

Do a search on iTunes for "Telepopmusik - Don't Look Back" ... no quotes ... and 3 results pop up. 1 album from Télépopmusik (Angel Milk) and 2 for The L Word Season 3.

posted by gabbiee

Two different versions. One is 3 min 50 sec and the other is 3 min 52 sec. They each have a different sound, but both are definitely by Télépopmusik. The one on the episode sounds like the one from The L Word Season 3, though.

posted by gabbiee

Natty had it right with "Today Has Been Ok" by Emiliana Torrini. I own the album. It's one of my favorites and I listen to it quite often.

posted by gabbiee

The words of the song played in this episode are the first 8 lines in my lyric book that came with my cd. Hard to go wrong there. I knew who it was when I heard it.

posted by gabbiee

For some reason, the iTunes link for this song shows no results. Do a search for Emiliana Torrini and you'll see the song. Play it and listen carefully. You'll see :)

posted by gabbiee

tipitop - try to download it. You'll love it, it's just as pretty as it sounded in the episode!

posted by gabbiee

I just listened to "Today has been Okay"-NOT the song.The song I'm asking about starts right after Kevin and Sean eat dinner with their mom. Jenny's dad puts money in a deposit bag and Tommy waits for Eddie(Marianne shows instead).

posted by tipitop

The lyrics begin "Before you find out in time, a rumor's going' round. It's not that I care that much, but these rumors are 'bout me" Listen at full-episode "Run Like Hell" halfway through Part 4. Thanks! =)

posted by tipitop

There are different songs in the version that plays on TV and the online version. The ones that air on TV are more popular while the ones online are indie and hard to find.

posted by lyss

love can damage your health is the telepopmusik song and the laid remix rocks

posted by jordanstr8

Here's the song. It's not Emiliana. don't recognize these producers, but they offer the song in 320kbps

posted by tribunal

whats the name on the pilot finale of the black donnellys when he kills the head italian guy

posted by tyler

please! what is the song on the dvd version, when jenny finds out about her dad putting the money in the mailbox! the version that is not emiliana torrini! please!

posted by t

i wanna know the name of the songs on the dvd.

posted by jay

the song on the DVD version where they are opening the store, with the lyrics 'time can break your heart' is by Delaware and is called 'i can get out'.

posted by Firegirl
posted by Firegirl

whats the name of the song at the end of this one?! where tommy and is leaving the bar and hes like "if you dont want the money, burn it" the lyrics are like "i will give to you, i will give to you, i wont ever i wont forget to give to you" or something

posted by chris

I'm still waiting to find out the name of the song in the pilot. I know it isn't for this episode, but does anyone know the name of the song that they replaced sleepy maggy in the dvd version of the pilot?

posted by Jay

What's the last song that plays at the end of the season, when dokey gets shot? -->our only chance of the show coming back, so take a visit!

posted by Johnny
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show The Black Donnellys, in the episode Run Like Hell, first aired March 26 2007. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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