aired Mar 5 2007
9 Songs
Real Bad News by Aimee Mann
submitted by gabbiee
Cannonball by Damien Rice
submitted by gabbiee
Cold Water by Damien Rice
submitted by gabbiee
Still Love by Holly Brook
submitted by gabbiee
Louie Louie by The Kinks
submitted by gabbiee
Handle With Care by The Traveling Willburys
submitted by gabbiee
Forget You by Mike Schmid
Tommy and Jenny Love scene.
In My Dream by Mike Schmid
At the beginning in the Hospital
Far too long by Gigi Worth
When Jenny is cleaning up the blood
Missing a song?

What was the song from the Italian funeral scene?

posted by D. McDonald

can anyone tell me the song that played in episode 2 of the Donnelly while during the bedroom scene with tomm..the chorus "I doing fine without you.

posted by jeff

yeah, the song in the scene with tommy and jenny in the bedroom having sex. for some reason every website doesn't have that song listed :(

posted by allison

i want to know the tommy jenny sex song too

posted by ashley

What is the song from the love scene

posted by julie

what is that song when jenny is cleaning up the blood and tommy is about to give the money back to the italians

posted by kaitlyn

I want to know the song in the bedroom scene too. It's soo good

posted by Christina

if you didnt know already its Mike Schmid "Forget you" you have to go to and pay to download it
but it totally worth it
also get "Gone to pieces" which was also on one of the episodes.

its good.

posted by EileneMACHINE

what is the song from TBD website?

posted by dawnelle

what's that song played while tommy prepares to give back the money to nicky and jenny's cleaning up the blood on the stairs? been looking for it everywhere!

posted by lucah

i want the dvd songs

posted by jay
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show The Black Donnellys, in the episode A Stone of the Heart, first aired March 5 2007. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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