aired Dec 2 2010
4 Songs
Homesick by Sleeping At Last
Last few scenes of the episode.
1000 Boys by Matt Duncan
Amelia joins Pete, Sam, Coop, and Sheldon for poker night. Cooper fights with Charlotte, sending her to the bathroom, trying to control her sobbing.
submitted by 4evryng
Ships On The Shoreline by Unkle Bob
Addison denies Sam's request. Cooper is not ready to open up about Charlotte. Addison tells Pete and Violet that she didn't tie Emily's tubes. Violet gives up on trying to convince Addison. Cooper learns from a patient that he has been molested.
submitted by 4evryng
Here On The Ground by Noëlle Hampton
Bruce apologizes to Justin for not being there. Addison offers Emily the choice of her baby or money. Violet asks Sam to come to Addison's aid. Sam and Addison talk about babies. Pete and Violet wish that Emily's story would have turned out for the better
submitted by 4evryng
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This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Private Practice, in the episode Just Lose It, first aired December 2 2010. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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what I've Done by Until June
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