aired May 17 2011
2 Songs
Caught By the Light by The Boxer Rebellion
Mike Franks' Funeral
Caught By the Light by The Boxer Rebellion
at Mike Franks Funeral
Missing a song?

Does anyone know the music at the end of the episode.

posted by me

yes, what is that song?

posted by rob.1

Great song! reminiscent of radioed but more enteric and singer/songwritery (not a real word I know)..would love to know the same

posted by Anonymous

Looking for the song that played at end of NCIS Pyramid episode

posted by Kim

I meant to type Radiohead...

posted by Anonymous

I believe the band is Boxer Rebellion, the song is Semi-Automatic.

posted by Pete

I think it is caught by the Light--Boxer Rebellion

posted by rob.1

I listened to Semi-automatic by Boxer Rebellion and I am pretty sure that was it.

posted by dgirdg

you must have seen the wrong show. listen to the song "Caught by the Light."

posted by rob.1

Sounds like Caught By The Light to me. :) Thanks! I'd been looking a while.

posted by Nalee

"Caught By the Light" Nice.....and yes, that's the one on the NCIS episode "Pyramid" aire 5-17-11.

posted by Brighter

Thank you!! Beautiful song, it is Caught by the Light for sure, I just downloaded it on ITUNES. Now if I can find the one from HOUSE last night, May 16th, another beautiful song, with no visible credits shown

posted by annie

I think the song on HOUSE was Flume by Bon Iver

posted by chaoinca

Semi-automatic by Boxer Rebellion was played at the end of one of the Human Target episodes in season 2.

posted by sharksfan

its defo "Caught by the light" by Boxer rebellion

posted by Jennitj

Kinda reminds me of the old coldplay

posted by Southclaw
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show NCIS, in the episode Pyramid, first aired May 17 2011. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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