aired Dec 17 2013
3 Songs
Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who
Nothing More by The Alternate Route
at the end.
We Are One by Krewella
Missing a song?

Who sings the song at the end of episode? Name of song?

posted by nancy

What song just ended tonight's Christmas episode? (Tuesday, December 17th, 2013)

posted by Sarah

"....we are how we treat each other..." I'm looking for this song, too! Anybody know?

posted by Susanne

Also wanting to know the name/artist of the song at the end of the Christmas episode tonight?

posted by Evelyn

What is the name and who sang the last song on Dec 17

posted by carolee sherman

What is the song at the end of the episode tonight on December 17, 2013. Thanks

posted by Teresa

Loved the song played at the end of "Homesick" episode- what is it, who did music?

posted by deb

What is the name of the song that just ended tonights NCIS episode/ Dec 17, 2013, and who performed it?

posted by Colleen

I'm a teacher and I loved this song to inspire my students
Can anyone share info on this song?

posted by Jody
posted by Anonymous

It's called "Nothing More" by The Alternate Routes.

posted by AJ

I want to know the name of the song too!

posted by Cyndi

Nothing More by the alternate routes

posted by Anonymous

Nothing More by the Alternate Routes. On itunes

posted by Janet

The song is Nothing More, written for the Newtown victims.

posted by ISSY

Nothing More by The Alternate Routes

posted by Lisa

Nothing More by The Alternate Routes

posted by Lisa

It is called nothing more by the alternative route

posted by Cyndi

"Nothing More" by The Alternate Routes

posted by Rachel

Great song - I'm learning it to add to my repetoire- Keyboards and singer.

posted by Billy E

"Nothing More" by The Alternate Routes

posted by John

The song is Nothing More by Lily Costner.

posted by Glenn

I found this on another website. This is the song at the end of the episode. The Alternate Routes- Nothing More

posted by Carol

What are the Christmasy sounding techno songs that is playing in the first and second scenes in Abby's lab?

posted by Eric

I really liked the Christmasy techno tunes too. I hope someone knows who performed them.

posted by Bob

The song listed as the last song played is not Krewella. Its NOTHING MORE BY ALTERNATE ROUTES and Lily Costner. The song they have listed WE ARE ONE is crap compared to the right one!!!!

posted by wrong song on dec 17
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