aired Dec 7 2009
4 Songs
Whatever You Like by Anya Marina
The threesome scene.
Suicide by The Raveonettes
The very beginning in the car just before the crash, then again when the crash plays out again
Too Late by M83
When Chuck is having the flashback of Bart's Death and Blair talks to him in the Hospital
Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
In the end - The Debarted
Missing a song?

Anyone know the song where Chuck is in the hospital visiting Serena?

posted by John

m83 too late

posted by lost

ya i really want to know what that song is i love it

posted by ashton

wat was tht song just @the end... new york something?

posted by kailey

Empire state of mind - Jay-Z

posted by Anonymous

does anyone know the song thats playing when everyone finds out that Serena has been in an accident?

posted by Sam

he already answered. it's "too late" by m83.

posted by Anonymous

Empire State of Mind was the "New York" song to which you are referring. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys off the Blueprint 3, his latest album.

posted by Nicole

does anyone know what song was playing when everyone was finding out that serena was injured? i think chuck was in a car. and so was nate. i'm not too sure though.

posted by deniseee17

the one where everyone finds out about serena is calle "right where they left" by white rabbits

posted by Anonymous

whats the song in the opening scene? before the crash when tripp and serena in the car

posted by curious

Suicide- The Raveonettes (opening scene song)

posted by Anonymous

what song is playing when Dan tells Blair about the crash? Someone said it was "m83 too late" but its not... that was the hospital scene song

posted by Anonymous

what is the song playing during the crash?

posted by RedSpawn

sorry, i mixed it up, it's of course the mentioned suicide - The Raveonettes

posted by RedSpawn

raveonettes "suicide" plays in the beginning on the car radio and during the crash later when everyone finds out that serena's in the hospital

posted by Anonymous

hey the song thats playing when everyone is finding out about Serena's car crash is

"Right where they left off" White Rabbits

posted by Anonymous

what's the song thats playing when gossip girl says 'we make our own fortunes and then call them fate' , tripp calls his wife and bart puts his hand on chuck's shoulder?

posted by emmy

The song playing durring Chucks scene at the hospital is "M83 - Too late" by the way : )

posted by mario

Does anybody knows what´s the song thats playing when Blair called Chuck and told him about accident? And he said to his father CAN YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by minnie

Does anyone knows the song played during the thanks-giving dinner where people started to get pissed with each other one by one?

posted by Anonymous

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say

posted by Anonymous

What song is playing when check tells Blair to leave?

posted by Shantel

I mean Chuck.

posted by Shantel

Can anyone tell me the song thats in the preview for the next episode? It was at the end of The Debarted.

posted by kiki

does anyone know the song thats playing when jenny is walking down the st with her new it bag?

posted by sam

Does anyone know the name of the instrumental song that plays during the scene where Chuck tells Blair to "get out of here now"? I really want to know...it's such a sad beautiful song.

posted by Kylee
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Gossip Girl, in the episode The Debarted, first aired December 7 2009. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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