aired Nov 20 2009
3 Songs
Float Away by Lindsey Ray
Up Up & Away by Shelly Fraley
Delia urges Melinda to stand firm against Julia's influence over Aiden.
submitted by layle
Float Away by Lindsey Ray
Julia sees the light and Aiden breaks the news he knows Jim and Melinda lied to him.
submitted by layle
Missing a song?

The lyrics were like "Someday I'll float away..."

posted by Jessica

yeah yeah! I want to find this song SO bad..
it also said
"you're the keeper of my heart"
at the end.

posted by J

yeah, and at the beginning it started off with "seasons change..." I can't find it on any lyric sites so...

posted by Leaf

Argh I was loving that song too.
I guess it's an indie song or something or maybe it's just new, no lyrics to be found yet..

posted by J

Lindsey Ray "Float Away"

posted by Krista

oh, thanks

posted by Leaf


posted by J

Your very welcome!!!

posted by Krista

I can't find that song anywhere on itunes! X( Its only on her Myspace!

posted by Rawr.

just search for float away, got it for .99 on itunes...she was number 7 down. sounds a lot like feist.

posted by Nina

): I love this song and it's no where. Not limewire, not youtube, not playlist. And I can't buy the iTunes one because I don't have an account.

posted by kiersten

Thank you so much i SOO wanted to get this song!!

posted by Maggie

THANK YOU! First time I really liked a song from, "Ghost Whisperer," was searching the lyrics over and over in Google haha and I'm more of a Hip-Hop person, but this is one wonderful song. Thank you very much!

posted by morlica

Go you possibly, email me the song? I as well don't have an I Tunes account, and can't find it anywhere else.
I would really appreciate it!!

posted by rottiman40

Sorry, it should have said, Could You Possibly, email me the song.

posted by rottiman40

Here's a link to download her EP, Picture Perfect. Float Away is on it :)

posted by Ella B.

Here's a link to download her EP, Picture Perfect. Float Away is on it :)

posted by ella_b

Thank You, Ella, I don't have an account here either, but it says to wait as there are alot of people downloading.
I will keep trying.
Thank You, Again.

posted by rottiman40

Thanks, Ella but I can't download from rapidshare?

posted by rottiman40

you can listen to all songs on Lindsay website

posted by yita

At the end of almost every episode there is a song that plays but i can't remeber what it is. Can anybody help????

posted by Kylie

found it on youtube!
if you go to , you can put the link in and download it (as an mp3).

posted by janelle

Omg, I was looking all over on websites for it and i didnt find anything. thought it was called keeper of my heart!

posted by Layla

this song is stupd. it's so gaaaaay! y the crap wud yall want 2 look for it? ugh

posted by Jojo

i checked itunes for the 7th down, and it wasn't lindsey ray. do you know any other way to download this song??!??! :)

posted by Alyssa!

kylie, the song is called man who can't be moved.its by the script.its really good!

posted by marls

thanks so much
<3 i love this song !!!!!!!!!

posted by Anonymous
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