aired Jan 8 2010
10 Songs
Everything by Rob Blackledge
Jan 8th. Closing credits
In My Place by Coldplay
on the radio every time the ghost was haunting
Guilty By Association by Josh Auer
submitted by Trisste
Plans to Move Ahead by Jayson Belt
submitted by Trisste
The Covinas by Go West Young Man
submitted by Trisste
Brighter Days by Colin Armstrong
submitted by Trisste
Maybelline by Zaac Pick
submitted by Trisste
Wonderful Surprise by Shawn Hlookoff
submitted by Trisste
Cheap Thrill by Bec Smith
submitted by Trisste
Why Oh Why by The Melloncollies
submitted by Trisste
Missing a song?

What is the song in the closing credits?

posted by Melissa

Rob Blackledge - Everything

posted by Brad

What song is it when the ghost goes in to the light and Ned comes and apologizes to the lady.

posted by PaZao

seriously what is that song!

posted by Katie

Brad is right it was "Everything"

posted by Chantal

what is the song that plays when the ghost gets mad?

posted by Emily

who is everything by? i looked it up and nothing came up. are you sure it isn't i'll give you everything by mansun. i tried that one but i can't find it either all i found where the lyrics and it sounds right.

posted by Katie

the song I'm asking for has something to do with the lyrics "we're standing here in this moment" or something like that

posted by PaZao

i thought they said it was by coldplay but i couldnt find the right song

posted by Emily

It's "Everything" from Rob Blackledge like Brad mentionned. You can find the song on the website of the singer.

posted by Chantal

the song that plays when the ghost gets mad is coldplay-in my place

posted by cassy

Thank you so much!!! I loved the song Everything at the end of the show last night. Thanks for helping me find it!!

posted by Tara

whats the song when the the guy is in the car drowning.then on the radio it says "worry"????

posted by lacey

Lacey, the song that was played while Bruce was drowning was Coldplay's "In My place".

posted by nyc515

Everything .... here is the link

posted by Alisha

what is the song playing in the background when melinda asks the cops daughter about the dude for the first time?

posted by ginnnaaa
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Ghost Whisperer, in the episode Dead Air, first aired January 8 2010. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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