aired Oct 23 2009
7 Songs
Inside These Lines by Trent Dabbs
So High by Quinn Marston
Eli and Melinda discuss Aiden's dream and Eli's new patient at the store.
submitted by layle
If Tomorrow Never Comes by Jayson Belt
Melinda lets Eli know that she knows who his client is.
submitted by layle
Josephine If You Only Knew by Dylan in the Movies
Melinda and Eli review Nathan Weiss' photos at the cafe.
submitted by layle
Couldn't Stand the Rain by Mindy Smith
Melinda and Delia share tea at the house while Aiden plays.
submitted by layle
Chances by Five For Fighting
Not sure
Inside These Lines by Trent Dabbs
When Melinda, the ghost and are sitting together talking to each other near the end of the episode.
Missing a song?

what was the song played at the end , when Delia was on her date , and before Melinda and Jim weer about to kiss ?
it kept saying ''changes''?

posted by Brooke

I looked back at last weeks episode, this is what I found.
'Chances 'by Five For Fighting
at the end when the ghost crosses over and delia is on her date
Hope this of help.

posted by rottiman40

Who was the artist of the song played at the end of episode 5

posted by Mike

Does anyone know what the song was at the end when the family talked outside?

posted by Lisa

Im trying to remember the lyrics to do a search on the song from tonight.

posted by DREW

same here....the dvr kicked in and changed the channel before I could listen to them again

posted by Tommy

Still not finding it. Hopefully someone else has better luck.

posted by DREW

What was the song when Melinda crossed Amy..and amy touches Garrett's cheek what was the song??

posted by Amanda

The whole ep is at that site already. I tried what I could make out with no luck..anyone else wanna try?

posted by Tommy

YAY...Found it!!

"Inside These Lines" by Trent Dabbs..and yes it's on itunes

posted by Tommy

Hell yes! Thank you so much! What a great song!!

posted by Lisa

Is there anywhere else it can be downloaded? I don't have an i Tune account?
Or could someone possibly email it to me?
I would appreciate it, very much.

posted by rottiman40

I've looked forever for the song "chances"
i couldnt remember the name and this is what helped me find that song! thanks so much

posted by alisha
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Ghost Whisperer, in the episode Cause For Alarm, first aired October 23 2009. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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