aired Sep 25 2009
4 Songs
Hang On by Olivia Broadfield
At the beginning as Jim and Melinda eat dinner.
submitted by layle
This Woman's Work by Kate Bush
Melinda's baby goes into distress.
submitted by layle
All I Need by The Brightwings
After the five year jump when Jim asks if all their life is one giant party.
submitted by layle
All You Are by Above Envy
Birthday Presence
Missing a song?

Anyone know the song that was playing at the end of this episode

posted by Joanne

Anyone know the name of the song playing during the opening episode when she is being wheeled down the hall to have a c-section?

posted by Sarah K

the song at the end is
"all you are" by louis Yoelin

posted by Erica

It was a woman singing not a guy

posted by Joanne

Wow....I would have never guessed that was a guy singing....can't find it on Itunes however

posted by Joanne

yeah it's louis yoelin. he/she's asian... BUT its that song

posted by Kellie

you can find the song here.

posted by Michelle

btw, louis yoelin is a he, who is the songwriter of this song, not singing it.

posted by Michelle

Yes, louis Yoelin is the song writer, but who is the woman singing it?

posted by james

The song while she's on her way to a c section is "This Woman's Work" by Maxwell

posted by CJ

Check out They list the songs, but nothing by Louis Yoelin?
And it was Kate Bush singing, This woman works

posted by james

found out who is singing the song. Her name is Above Envy. Search it on itunes and you will find the song.

posted by Michelle

louis yoelin said the singer of his song is jeny nicholson

posted by richie

hi can you tell me where is the letter of the song all you are"??????pleaseee

posted by juli

Can someone tell me the artist/title of the song playing while Melinda and Delia are talking in the store right before they bowling alley scene? Male singer, soulful song. Thanks!!!!

posted by mentoneknight

Hi, I'm so glad you all like the song "All You Are" that I wrote. The song is by the artist "Above Envy." You can look up Above Envy on itunes, rhapsoy, Myspace, any of those places to get the song. Thanks!

posted by Lou Yoelin

Hi do you Know the name of the Song that Playd In The beginning of the ep When melinda abd Jim where in the truck on there way to the Hospital?

posted by Kelsi

IY love yuo so matsh milanda gordn

posted by hani mohmmad

What is the song played when Melinda and Jim are in the kitchen talking about Pick Wicks and the ghost's lost baby?

posted by j
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Ghost Whisperer, in the episode Birthday Presence, first aired September 25 2009. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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