aired Feb 23 2011
5 Songs
Sammy and Reid play on the piano
Colorblind by Counting Crows
I believe it is being referred to as : Sammy's Song Beginning, end
lllabye by Tipper
Criminal minds, Season 6 episode Codas. Its the song Reed plays on the piano with the autistic boy. H<3
Coda episode. The autistic boy plays it over and over
Missing a song?

What is the name of the song that sami and reid play on the piano

posted by Theodore Hallett

i believe that it's-
'brother' by Road Hawgs

posted by Demon_Monster

where can we listen to that song though? i cant find it on you tube of google.

posted by H-Richards

no its not, brother by roadhawgs, but i dont know it.

posted by none only there for help in identifying it correctly

posted by snowfall

@Snowfall that's it. The quality is low though but that is it. Good find :)

posted by Moonscape

Well I ripped it from the video. :D; still have no idea who wrote it, other than that it's modern classical.

posted by snowfall

if anyone can put it on youtube it would be great :)

posted by butterflier

Thanks, Snowfall!

posted by XiNE

someone put it up on youtube :)

posted by butterflier
posted by rottiman40

there is an application, youtube to mp3 converter, where you can make it into a mp3.
It's DVD Free Studio.
Hope this helps. Great Piano Song!!!

posted by Rottiman40

It was specially composed for the show.

posted by Your mom.

Hey does anyone know how to get the sheet music for this?

posted by blah

I see a comment on you tube, and the composer of this music is ; Steffan Fantini
he is credited for the music in? the Coda episode.
(sorry i'm french, i dont speak english very well)

posted by Lolodie

I have wrote out the sheet music to this after seeing it, it needs some minor tweaking but it's in a playable state. Interested in Seeing it?

posted by Sheet Music

I have written out the music to this after seeing it, it needs some minor tweaking but it's in a playable state for the piano... Interested in Seeing it?

posted by John Soltis

YES! Please post the sheet music as soon as possible!

posted by kendie

I would love to see the sheet music for this... can anyone post it or show me how to get it?

posted by Cat Kitchen

it is NOT brother by road hawgs! they made it especially for criminal minds. you can find it on youtube, just look up criminal minds coda

posted by olivia

You people need to stop saying it is Brother by Road Hawgs, it was written specifically for this episode and is called Criminal Minds Piano Coda 6

posted by Jeff

@John Soltis: I have been trying to get a transcript for the piece down, but am having difficulty as transcribing is not my strong suit. If you post somewhere, would you be kind enough to let us here know? Thanks so much!

posted by Iris

Its coda

posted by fefe

does anybody know, what song is is in season 3, episode 6. the song whe rossi goes back to the BAU?
without voices, just the music... love it!

posted by lovegideon

im trying to learn the song coda, ive looked on youtube and it hasnt got all of the notes played, if anyone knows where i can find them please let me know im dying to play it

posted by nikita

What is the name of the song that is at the end of a CM when Rossi and an older soldier admit that a man not recognized for his heroism -
"won't you fly home my sweet angel - from sea to shining sea" Have tried to find out everywhere

posted by Sandye

It doesn't say the notes It's just a chat I trying to get the notes for a wedding

posted by Lesley

The song is called coda. It was specially composed by the writers of criminal minds for this episode. It is meant to represent the thoughts of Sammy.

posted by Ryan

If you want to find it on youtube type "coda" or sammy's song (criminal minds) and it will be there. Great song btw!

posted by Ryan
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