aired Jan 18 2010
5 Songs
The End by Pearl Jam
That´s plays in the end of the episode
We All Go Down As One by Bosshouse Music
we all go down as one by bosshouse
castle season 2 - sucker punch -when beckett and castle enter the Irish bar
The End by Pearl Jam
Season 2 episode 14
Missing a song?

what is the name of the song and artist at the end of this episode?

posted by n/a

COME ON!! Castle fans. Fellow Nathan lovers. Any1 else log on here? The 13th episode "Sucker Punch"'s closing song. What was it? This site says it has songs listed by the site users and there is not a single song or artist. Help me! Peace~LisaMarie

posted by LisaMarie

It will be posted in a few days... I was looking for it too! we will have to wait it sounds like it.

posted by Invictus

I know that it's either Pearl Jam, or simply lead singer Eddie Vedder... song title though, I'm drawing a blank.

posted by Peter

"The End" by Pearl Jam

posted by Liz

Yup! It's The End. I heard it too and was pleasanly surprised!

posted by sheila
posted by Viktor Olofsson

What was the song that was playing when they entered the bar?

posted by Bucket

What's the song at the beginning of this episode?!

(The end song IS Pearl Jam from their newest CD). Thanks

posted by D

when they walk into the bar it is not shipping up to boston.

posted by me

Look like dropckick Murphys don't find the good one :-(

posted by Terrorgreg

the song is "when johnny comes marching home"

posted by eu
posted by Anonymous

Not the Dropkick Murphys but the Bosshouse - WE ALL GO DOWN AS ONE

posted by elodie

Merci Elodie

posted by Fab

also try

catalogue, bosshouse 2010, toward bottom of list

posted by t1978s

also try

catalogue, bosshouse 2010, toward bottom of list

posted by t1978s

Sure its Bosshouse...sounds different

posted by Jon

Bosshouse Music - We All Go Down As One


The Real McKenzies - Chip

posted by Little

What's the intro song? It's way more fun then the one by pearl jam :P

posted by DreadlockDaniel

what is the song from season 2 episode 8, in the last scene????

posted by castlefann
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Castle, in the episode Sucker Punch, first aired January 18 2010. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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