aired Feb 25 2010
11 Songs
This Is My Life by Psideralica
Gilroy wants Michael to pick up a 50 cal
submitted by 4evryng
Catch Me by Endorphin
Michael takes on Duke & Co. Gilroy shows Michael the gun and the two of them take off
submitted by 4evryng
Goin On by L.A. Carpool
Restaurant Carlito; Sam and Fiona take the job with Coleman
submitted by 4evryng
All Mine by Daniel Lenz
Sam listens to Fiona and doesn't want her to go in. Fiona and Coleman decide to meet Gabriel
submitted by 4evryng
Yellow Break by DJ Kambo
Fiona meets Gabriel
submitted by 4evryng
Sporvento by Les Tambours du Bronx
Sam tears off and creates a diversion while Michael adjusts Fiona's passport
submitted by 4evryng
True Test by Methodic Doubt
Fiona leaves with Gabriel and unbuttons another button on her shirt. Gabriel peels out while he tells Fiona the story of his daughter
submitted by 4evryng
Hazel by Garron Chang
Gabriel tells Fiona his plans and she spills tea on herself so she can sneak away to the bathroom and call Michael
submitted by 4evryng
Friday Nite by Sam Rhansum
Sam plants a tracker in the lipstick for Fiona
submitted by 4evryng
Danger by Endorphin
Michael packs the bridge with explosives
submitted by 4evryng
Good Intentions by Dappy
Missing a song?

True Test by Methodic Doubt

posted by n/a

Where can I find this song? I can't find it anywhere.

posted by Brad

Yes, I would like to know where I can find this as well

posted by L

would also like to know where to find this song

posted by ol

I mailed to Methodic Doubt's site and they answered me we'll found on iTunes very soon.
I want it!!!

posted by Ricky from Italy

Yeah I e-mail MD a while ago and they said it will be on iTunes, they e-mailed again and gave me link. It is True Test by PolyWooD

posted by ol

download and upload on rapidshare please

posted by anonymous
posted by Anonymous

sorry no premium acct

posted by Anonymous

some1 uploaded it on youtube yesterday, should be easy to obtain then, just search for PolyWood

posted by Anonymous


its the same as the one on youtube

posted by Anonymous

awesome song but where is the piano solo???

posted by mastoris

I also want to know where the piano solo is

posted by Ski

Its called Hazel by Garron Chang i believe but i cannot find it anywhere

posted by ski
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Burn Notice, in the episode Good Intentions, first aired February 25 2010. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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